Visiting Phuket

With a weekend to spare and desperate for some beach time, some of the girls from the elephant project and I decided to visit the island of Phuket.

As soon as we landed in Phuket on the Saturday morning the humidity and heat hit us, and it was gratefully received as up in the village hills the weather had been rather cold! We stayed in a hostel called Lub D which was a perfect location in Patong, with the beach a two minute walk away!

The first day we relaxed in the pool where we were and decided we should book up a boat trip to go and see some of the smaller islands around Phuket. We managed to get a brilliant priced boat trip of 1500 baht each, which was originally 3500 baht, for the Sunday to visit the Phi Phi islands and do some snorkelling on the coral reef.

The boat was a large speed boat and it took us only 20 minutes to get from the main island of Phuket to the Phi Phi islands. The first stop was Maya Bay in the national park. The island is so picturesque, however there were so many people that it was incredibly crowded, although the crystal clear waters made it completely worth it!


We then did some snorkelling and swimming, watching the fishes swim past us and testing out the waterproof bags we got for our phones, which thankfully worked and we got to take some photos beneath the surface! The next stop was a small island with beach bars and rock pools to explore.


We finally visited the main tourist island of the Phi Phi islands to look around and explore. This island was very commercialised and everything was very expensive, which wasn’t good for us being on a budget!


That evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some more Western food after eating Thai food (mainly just rice) in the village of Huay Pakoot. It was all great however this meal also broke the bank!


The next day we spent lying on the beach soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear waters. It was a lovely way to spend the final day of being in Phuket.


Even though the trip was only short to Phuket we had a great time and it was good to be back near the sea again after being in the mountains for so long!

“If we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet” – Rachel Wolchin


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