Touring Thailand – The South

The tour of Thailand continued down to parts of the South, exploring the less known beautiful spots. It included visiting Khao Sok National Park, Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

We started off from Bangkok getting the overnight train to Khao Sok NP. The scenery here is breath taking and we took a a long tail boat tour of Cheow Lan Lake. Stopping off at a floating island for lunch and swimming. The water there is crystal clear and there are so many different rock formations, and picturesque views everywhere that you look.

IMG_0198  img_0201.jpg  img_0225.jpg  img_0262-e1514019600245.jpgIMG_0347

We then moved on from here to our hotel for the night, where we had a small pool party and listened to the wild monkeys of the forest, along with the birds and very loud insects! We were only here for the night and then it was time to move on to the next location in Koh Samui.

We took a three hour bus journey and then one hour ferry to reach the island, after a long day we collapsed on the beach, and recharged ready for the beach party that night. The beach party involved a small firework show, buckets of alcohol and a great DJ, it was a fun night for the whole group!

The day after the weather wasn’t too great so we opted to go swimming in the pool in the rain and get massages, which are very cheap everywhere in Thailand, you just have to make sure to go to the right ones!

Another night in Koh Samui and we visited some of the local bars for a more chilled and quiet evening, ready to wake up early for the catamaran boat ride to the island of Koh Toa.

Unfortunately the wind was up and the swell of the waves was large, but this didn’t stop the catamaran from speeding across every wave, which led to many people becoming sea sick, and for me sat on the top deck getting splashed in the face by almost every wave (at least I wasn’t sea sick though – it could have been worse). Coming off the ferry it seemed that everyone apart from me was green in the face, and at this point I was glad that I had some experience on boats and therefore did not become ill.

The island of Koh Toa is truly stunning and the beaches are a slice of paradise. On this evening we went to a fire show, followed by night club (one of the only ones on the island, which therefore meant it was packed!) It was a fun evening but due to boat ride many were not up to party!

The next day we checked out the marine life with a snorkelling trip. Unfortunately we could not visit all of the sites as the sea currents were too strong that day however we did get to see some of the corals that the island had to offer, only a few sites still had live coral though and it was sad to see the amount of dead corals due to bleaching and trampling.

After the snorkling we were taking by boat to an island off of Chumphon, where we got to climb to a view point and check out the amazing views over the island. The island is very protected and even taking a plastic water bottle on to the island can cause a 1000 baht fine.

IMG_0375 IMG_0386   img_0424.jpg  IMG_0388

The day ended with us watching the sunset on the beach and then visiting the fire show once more and sitting in the front row for the full action. As most people reading this will probably know I am not a fan of audience participation, and having sat in the front, unfortunately I was a large target. However the evening was not a total loss as we carried on the party at the fire show located on the beach, and with a ton of UV paint we smothered each other in a variety of designs.


IMG_0474 IMG_0505

img_0511.jpg IMG_0516

The next day was a long day of travelling, getting the catamaran back to main land and then the overnight train from there back to Bangkok, where the G Adventures tour came to an end.

It was a great experience to travel around Thailand, and I only wish I had longer to see the rest of the South islands!



3 thoughts on “Touring Thailand – The South

  1. What an amazing trip. You certainly got to see loads and sounds like it was fun as well as interesting. So glad all goes well. Happy Christmas, dear Alicia, will be thinking of you. Auntie Nessa xxx


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